Research has shown that subacute rehabilitation after an injury or illness has can have a significant impact on the quality of your recovery. At VestraCare, we understand that no two patients are exactly alike. That’s why our team works with you to create individualized rehab plans tailored to your personal goals.

Our state-of-the-art rehab programs are developed using the latest evidence-based research to maximize your rehabilitative outcomes. One of the most important facets of the therapy program is practicing the skills you’ll need in order to safely return home. Our team will design treatments that mimic your home environment and work with you to successfully accomplish activities in a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom setting, among other tasks.

We provide services for:
• Bariatric care
• Cardiac and pulmonary conditions
• Chronic diseases
• Complex medical conditions
• Joint replacements, injuries and fractures
• Lymphedema therapy
• Stroke and neurological conditions
• Tracheostomy care
• Wound healing and management